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Terms and conditions

About Prices:

The prices established at the time of the reservation include only the services contracted by the client and described in the vouchers and tickets delivered.

Taxes, rates, taxes, or other charges that may be applied at destination, according to the laws of each country, may be increased or changed without prior notice. Your payment and information about any of these charges in the corresponding Consulate or government authority, is the sole responsibility of the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to present a valid credit card to the contracted land services at the time of check-in, which must be associated with the guarantees that each of the clients may request. services and providers at destination, which may vary in rates and conditions depending on the duration and particularities of the respective service delivered.

About Cancellations, Changes and Returns:

Any change or cancellation is subject to conditions and restrictions that depend on your air ticket and each hotel or service provider. Consequently, there may be partial or total refunds or, in some cases, no refund of the amounts paid.

Responses to return requests are subject to the deadlines of each supplier or hotel.

It is the customer’s duty to have been informed about the conditions of cancellations, changes and returns at the time of making the reservation directly with your sales channel.

To request the cancellation and return of the contracted services, the client must contact their corresponding sales channel directly, either in person at the Sales Office or at the following telephone number .. .


PERU ROUTES is not responsible for loss, suspension or modification of contracted services (hotels, transfers, etc.) as a result of problems beyond its control, such as weather problems , natural disasters, security problems, or due to acts of third parties over which PERU ROUTES has no control, and in general due to situations due to fortuitous events or force majeure.

PERU ROUTES will not be in any case responsible for the lack or defect in the documentation (passport, visa, insurance or medical requirements, etc.) of the clients. In the event that, due to lack or defect in the same, the client is forced to suspend or abandon the trip, any expense that arises will be borne by the latter, applying in these circumstances, the conditions established in the section 2 above.

PERU ROUTES is only obliged to comply with the services specified in the vouchers issued and delivered by the corresponding sales channel. Any other expense caused by extras or services that do not appear in the vouchers will be charged to the passenger. Consequently, any problem or non-use of services reserved directly by the client with third parties, will be the sole responsibility of the client. Likewise, the passenger declares that the sales consultant has correctly informed him about the documents (visas, passport, others) necessary to enter/exit to the destinations of the tourist package or similar.

PERU ROUTES by itself, or through third parties, is an intermediary in the provision of contracted services, and the obligation of PERU ROUTES and said third parties is limited to the responsibility that they may have in their capacity as intermediaries. However, it will not have any responsibility for any deficiency in the services provided by the respective providers, nor for any material or personal damage that may be caused to the client by acts or acts of third parties.

It is the client’s obligation and responsibility to carry the vouchers at the time of their trip. They must be delivered to the service provider at destination. The service may be denied by the provider if the respective voucher is not delivered, without this generating any responsibility for PER ROUTES.

Clients are suggested to confirm check-in and check-out times with their hotel.

PERU ROUTES as an intermediary, is not responsible for the damages and/or losses that the passenger may suffer during their stay or the use of the services contracted and/or provided by third parties, without prejudice to your right to direct your claim against the service provider or third parties that are responsible.